Campus Services

Because the University of Batangas recognizes that its student body is diverse, the University Guidance Counseling and Health Office ensure the students are provided with the proper direction, support and advice that will help them realize their full potential.

The Guidance Counseling Office, headed by Ms. Gladiola A. Eje, is composed of a team of seasoned, sensible and trained professional counselors that are assigned to the entirety of the University's student body, from the College department down to the Elementary department. Each counselor is equipped to administer advice to students and parents alike, whether it be on academic matters or issues of a more personal nature.

The Guidance Office also performs various assessment services for students to help them evaluate anything from their personalities, interests, and academic careers.
The University is also committed to providing students with the best possible care not only for their minds, but for their physical bodies as well. As such, the University Clinic exists to help further that purpose. The clinic provides reliable basic medical services that are free of charge to all students, and is manned by healthcare professionals.