Based from the Key Result Areas, the University of Batangas Community Extension Services implements the following community outreach programs:

1. Economic Development

• Livelihood Program: “Alalay Kita”
This program purposes to introduce, improve, and/or induce viable industries, valuable interventions, or valid innovations to increase economic activity.
• Skills and Technology Transfer Program
This program aims to upgrade the beneficiaries’ level of specialized, occupational, and/or technological competencies.
● Infrastructural Support Program
This program targets to either deliver or facilitate the provision of appropriate physical and/or infrastructural facilities to enhance economic motion.

2. Human and Social Empowerment

• Personhood Enhancement Program
This program aims to encourage spiritual, moral, and emotional empowerment of the individual.
• Social Development Program
This program targets to promote social, political and cultural development as well as enablement.
• Medical Support Program: “Alalay Kalusugan”
This program aims to provide services that support physical and health wellness.

3. Educational Assistance
• Free Evening High School Program
This program purposes to offer free secondary education to working youth, especially to the “Kasamabahay” which could not afford regular schooling.
• Literacy Program
This program targets to make available the opportunities for obtaining basic capabilities in reading, writing and arithmetic.
• School Support Program
This program aims to extend the necessary assistance for the enhancement of learning.

4. Environmental Advocacy and Management
• Environmental Awareness Program
This program intends to develop environmental awareness through seminars, workshops and film presentations to address environmental issues and concern.
• Environmental Projects/ Activities
This program aims to device and implement environmental related projects/activities such as clean-up drive, mangrove rehabilitation, tree planting, waste management and the likes.
• Environmental Organizations
This program purposes to establish an organization in the community (i.e. young, adult and elderly) or strengthen the youth who will lead the protection and management of the environment.

5. Socio-Civic Support

• Touch-A-Heart Program
This program aims to extend love and concern to the indigent/ disadvantaged sector of the society, give joy and relief to the victims of disasters and calamities.
• Socio-Civic Support Program
This program aims to support activities sponsored and organized by the socio-civic community