Job Placement

The Community Relations, Alumni & Placement Office offers the following Placement Services to all UB graduates:

Career trainings

  • Effective Resume Writing
  • Power Dressing / Personality Development
  • Interview Techniques
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Email Etiquette
  • Mock Interview

These Career Trainings are scheduled by department. For special sessions, please contact the CAPO Office at (043) 723-9658 or 723-9671 loc. 117.

Job referrals & Industry linkages
The CAPO Office establishes linkages with numerous companies from various industries to assist graduates who are seeking employment and companies who are in need of highly qualified and trained employees.

Job fairs and on-site hiring events
Job fairs are held towards the end of each academic year. On-site hiring events are held per hiring company’s request.

Mentoring program
Mentors are successful alumni who are recruited by the CAPO Office. Students may request to be matched with a mentor thru his/her respective dean, guidance counselors or directly to CAPO.

Online Career Center
Job hunting is now at the tips of your fingers! For weekly updates on job opportunities, visit the CAPO Facebook fan page (