Research at University of Batangas

Research is a vitally significant component in the life of every university and serves as medium towards the attainment of the university’s goal of excellence. As one of the pillars of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) alongside instruction, extension and production, research is expected to provide outputs that will generate new knowledge for the benefit of science and society.

At University of Batangas, faculty and students are highly encouraged to take part in the formation of a globally responsive environment through publications, research, linkages and liaison that will advance the frontiers of knowledge.

University of Batangas promotes creativity, innovativeness and technology development to meet the challenges of national and international thrusts. These research projects develop mutually beneficial partnerships and linkage with both local and international establishments and institutions which serve as inspiration for the researchers to go through research projects with full support from the administration.

University Research Center

At the University of Batangas (UB), the Center for Publications, Research, Linkages and Liaison (CPReLL) was established to spearhead and administer research – related matters as well as to develop and accelerate teaching competencies of faculty members through research, with the strong belief that new information and innovative ideas can be generated when the mind is trained and practices scientific inquiry.

The Research and Publication Department under the CPReLL is the research repository of the University of Batangas which is tasked with the information dissemination, development and implementation of the research policies and research outputs of the University. CPReLL endeavors to maintain a dynamic research culture which is highly responsive to the promotion of excellent quality of life in and out of the academe. Its activities are also in line with the objective of increasing the University’s productivity and innovation in research, scholarship and creative activities that impact economic and societal development.

Research Publications

The Kalinangan Refereed Journal is the official multidisciplinary research publication of the University of Batangas. It publishes all researches across disciplines to provide a common medium for knowledge and research dissemination in various fields of scientific, academic, and professional interests.The double-blind refereeing system is used by the Kalinangan Refereed Journal.

The Board of Reviewers (Editorial Board) for the Kalinangan Refereed Journal is created by the head of CPReLL and maybe changed from time to time based on the research thrusts of the university. Three (3) referees review each article prior to publication: one (1) internal referee who is a member of the Board of Reviewers in a particular cluster/ discipline and two (2) external referees who are subject matter experts from other institutions and who are requested to critic and comment on the paper under review.