- Students participating in an official school activity or officially sanctioned productions
may borrow costumes, props and equipment. We do not lend for parties, weddings,
Halloween or other none-school related activities.
- Borrower must fill out F-SAEP (CAO) – 05. SAEP Director reserves the right to
disapprove request.
- Pick up and returns are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. To schedule an appointment, visit
the Inventory Clerk at the SAEP Office or call local 111. Borrowers are expected to be
on time and late arrivals (more than 10 minutes late) will be asked to reschedule.
Appointment duration is for a maximum of 45 minutes.
- The borrower assumes all liability for the borrowed items when they are in the borrower’s
possession. Fees for lost or damaged items will be assessed accordingly. Payment
shall be made to the Cashier’s Office.
- The borrower is responsible for moving and loading all borrowed items.
- All borrowed costumes must be cleaned before returning on the agreed date. Dry
cleaned items must be returned in dry cleaning bags with a copy of the cleaning receipt.
- Temporary alterations (hems, button changes) are allowed. However everything must
be restored to its original state before costumes are returned. Adhesive products such
as glue, tape, iron-ons may not be used on any item. Garments may not be dyed,
painted on or cut. Props and equipment may not be painted or altered. Any
painting/altering or props and equipment will result to replacement fee charges.