1. A request for approval must be submitted to the President, VPAA and VPSEA thru
SAEP two (2) weeks before the scheduled activity. The following documents must be
attached to the letter:
- Program of Activities
- Detailed statement of estimated collection and expenses (When collection is to
be undertaken)
- Request for Permit to Conduct Co-Curricular and Extra Curricular Project/Activity
Form (F-SEA-04)

2. All collections from students must be deposited to the student organization’s bank
account or remitted to the Cashier’s Office if collection was undertaken by the colleges
or departments.

3. All disbursements from these funds shall be done by cheques issued upon the signature
of the student organization’s faculty adviser and the organization’s president and
treasurer. In the case of colleges or departments, disbursements shall be through a
written requisition specifying details of the expenses certified as correct by the
respective Dean or Department Head and submitted for approval by the SAEP Director.
The grounds for disapproval are:
- Substantial deviation from Statement of Estimated Collection and Expenses;
- Lack of written approval for fee collection, solicitation of sale of tickets;
- Contrary recommendation from the Internal Auditor or Purchasing Office;
- Delinquency in submission of Evaluation Forms and Statement of Actual
Collection and Expenses of previous activity.

4. The Budget Management Office (BMO) shall keep a record of all remittances and
disbursements of co-curricular and extra curricular projects/activities undertaken by
departments or colleges. The Faculty Adviser of student organizations shall be responsible
for judicious use of the organization’s funds and shall be personally liable for its security.
The Office of the President and VP-SEA shall be furnished a copy of the financial records
immediately upon request.

5. The department/organization shall observe the policies in the Student Handbook at all
times and in all occasions of the activity. Violation of any undertaking/condition and the
assurance made for which any activity/project was approved shall subject the persons,
organizations, officers/class after due process to administrative sanction or whatever legal
action by the school.

6. After the activity, evaluation forms (F-SEA-01 or F-SEA-02) will be distributed to the
participants. Accomplished evaluation forms shall be submitted to the SAEP Office.
7. The following shall be submitted to the SAEP Office not later than 7 days after the activity:
- Accomplishment Report
- Narrative report with pictures
- Evaluation of the activity