The Standard Policy on the acceptance of membership to cultural Organizations at the
University of Batangas is hereby formulated in order to improve the quality of membership in
Cultural Organizations like UB Dance Company, Tanghalang Dal’wa Singko, UB Chorale, UB
Jazz Band and other Cultural Groups that may be organized and recognized in the future.


- Must be bona fide college student of UB.
- Must have passed all the subjects enrolled during past school year without any
incomplete grades.
- Must be good moral character and without any previous administrative case.
- Have passed screening for membership.
- Have been recommended in writing by the Dean, Principal or Faculty
member/coach/trainer of the University.
- Must show willingness to attend rehearsals during non-class hours and even beyond
normal hours of practice.
- Must observe decency in character and appearance at all times inside and outside of UB
even during wash days or rehearsals and even class days.


- Probationary – newly accepted members who are able to maintain good standing for at
least one semester.
- Regular – members who have passed the probationary membership period and have
maintained a very satisfactory rating based on attitudes, discipline and attendance in
practices, trainings and performances during probationary.
- Alumni – former members who already graduated but invited to perform important roles
to augment present performers.


- By invitation from the Cultural Affairs Coordinator, Trainers and Coaches.
- By written application of interested students through recommendation of other persons
as stated in A-6 here-in.