1. During the first week of the semester, each academic department shall submit to the
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) their planned fieldtrips
inscribed in the course syllabus.

2. Quotations shall be collected from different accredited travel agencies for comparison.

3. An ocular visit shall be conducted by department representatives. If not possible, ocular
visit shall be done by an accredited travel agency.

4. A consultation meeting with the students will take place wherein all details regarding the
field trip will be discussed including fees, destination and other relevant matters. A
person with special needs or with disabilities (PWD) must be identified in the activity for
due consideration. A survey designed to determine their preferences may be

5. A request for approval is sent to the President, VPAA and VPSEA thru SAEP. The
following documents must be attached to the letter:
- Itinerary
- Breakdown of fees
- Minutes of the consultation meeting
- Proof of insurance provision
- Waiver format
- List of personnel-in-charge (PIC) with contact numbers. The 1:35-50 PIC -
student ratio must be ensured. Indicate who the overall leader is among all the
PICs. Overall leader must be a full-time faculty member or employee.
- Certification of road worthiness of vehicle to be used
- A copy of the announcement about the field trip which is to be posted on the
department bulletin board and SAEP bulletin board

6. Once approved by the UB Administration, a photocopy of Annex A and B must be
submitted to the SAEP Office.

7. A copy of the approved letter must be forwarded to the Budget Management Office
(BMO), Cashier’s Office and Information Technology Center (ITC). Once set up in the
system by ITC personnel, payment of fees will be collected by the Cashier’s Office.
Payment to travel agency shall be processed by the BMO.

8. Fifteen (15) days before the activity, the following must be submitted to the Commission
on Higher Education Regional Office (CHEDRO) with a cover letter.
- A certificate of compliance which is duly notarized, “certified correct” by the
personnel in-charge, recommended for approval by the VPAA and approved by
the President stating that all the requirements have been prepared and duly
complied. (Please refer to Annex A).
- A report of compliance which is “certified correct” by the personnel in-charge,
reviewed by the Dean or Program Head, recommended for approval by the

VPAA and duly approved by the President. The said report must list down all the
activities and compliances. (Please refer to Annex B).

9. Upon approval of the CHEDRO, the department shall coordinate with the appropriate
Local Government Units (LGU/s) or non-government organizations (NGOs) and seek for
acknowledgment letter from them.

10. The department shall start inviting students to partake through the assistance of the
assigned faculty. Announcements will be posted in the department’s official bulletin
board. The said announcement and postings shall be submitted first to the Corporate
Communications Office (CCO) for approval

11. Other necessary modes of information dissemination like posting announcements on the
social media and classroom by classroom visitation shall be done upon the discretion of
the department.

12. Ten (10) days before the activity, students must submit two copies of waiver to the
department. Waiver must be signed by parents or guardians and notarized. One copy of
the waiver will be forwarded by the department to the SAEP Office.

13. Prior to the activity, an orientation and briefing shall be given by the PIC among the
student participants and faculty in-charge. The briefing should be tailored to the nature of
the activity and their personal responsibilities regarding the hazards and procedures to
be observed in the event of an emergency.

14. During the off-campus activity, the PIC shall ensure the provision of the allowable
seating capacity of the vehicle being used.

15. Prior to departure, the Information Desk or Security personnel shall be provided by the
PIC leader with the name and contact number of the faculty or PIC per vehicle.

16. For those students who cannot join the activity, it is the discretion of the department to
set forth the allowable reasons for the students to be considered excused from joining
the off-campus activity.

17. The department shall arrange a parallel activity for those who cannot join the off-campus
activity. This parallel activity shall provide a similar acquisition of knowledge to achieve
the learning objectives of the subject matter.

18. After the off-campus activity, the department shall conduct a debriefing program to
assess the acquisition of learning of the students in the activity. Evaluation forms (F-
SEA-03) will be distributed to the student participants. Accomplished evaluation forms
shall be submitted to the SAEP Office.

19. A post evaluation meeting among the PIC and student representative/s will be
conducted right after the activity to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the
activity. This is to ensure the continuous improvements in the organization of the activity.

20. A Comprehensive Report with a cover letter shall be submitted to CHEDRO at the end of
the semester regarding the educational tour / field trip (Please refer to Annex C).